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Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy

Ambient marketing, the basic dictionary definition.

Ambient – “Something that surrounds or invests; as, air . . . being a perpetual ambient”

In marketing terms, we have defined ambient marketing in much the same way:

Strategic Advantage Definition:
“To grow your organization by combining the proven techniques and processes of: Traditional Marketing and ‘Ambient Marketing’. Ambient Marketing may also be referred to as “Guerilla Marketing.”

Ambient Marketing Process and Strategy (AMPS): An alternate way to overcome traditional methods of communicating a message to key targeted audiences. AMPS surrounds and impacts the target audience; emphasizes thought leadership; is unconventional, creative, interactive and results oriented.

Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS)

Efficient, effective and imperative.Efficient, effective and imperative. Through AMPS we offer cunning organizations senior level, hit the ground running expertise with the ability to develop strategy, execute tactics, and provide comprehensive, measurable customized marketing solutions.

Efficient, effective and imperative.Intelligence-based and strives to align business goals with marketing objectives through formal and informal measurement and adaptation. Why not rely upon the most powerful tools to understand your market? Your strongest competitors will.

Efficient, effective and imperative.Requires expertise to develop and experience to execute. Senior level marketing agents are a key differentiator in AMS vs. conventional agency models that often pull in lower ranking marketing associates to execute strategy. This mistake comes with a high opportunity cost as you pay agencies to train their personnel and jeopardize your overall success.

Efficient, effective and imperative.Transformational and flexibleonly experts can decipher and deliver corrective marketing expertise aimed at accelerating business performance and growth; results-driven to make your organization achieve maximum potential.

Efficient, effective and imperative.All-encompassing. It is both pervasive and ubiquitous…a good strategy will create a sense within your prospective target market of “feeling” your presence at every turn. Solid target saturation is created while keeping expenditures in line and does not stop with merely gaining your prospect’s interest.

If your organization is struggling, has failed to hit its stride, or is ready to launch a valuable service or product, it is in need of Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS). Begin this transformative marketing process by reviewing ineffective shot-gun marketing mentalities. Antiquated businesses, non-profits and corporations still rely on a combination of various means of securing marketing services.

Usually struggling organizations are characterized by having an established marketing department, perhaps utilizing a full service conventional advertising or public relations agency, and in crises, rush in consultants to offer even more perspective. Struggling organizations might even rely on an internal staffer with unrelated responsibilities to cobble together a hit-and-miss marketing “program”. Perhaps your organization is using the R&D team to drive marketing? These situations result in piece-meal strategy and roll-of-the-dice marketing. Such may have worked in past economies. Yet, barring luck and very deep pockets, if your organization is still attempting to operate this way, it is only a matter of time before you face extinction. You simply cannot compete with those who have chosen to adapt and utilize AMPS as executed by an experienced operative.

The real tragedy is, your organization may have the most innovative, tremendous product, service or vision and fail without AMPS.

We are in business because we are remarkable at enabling our clients’ success and YOUR clients’ success. It is that simple. We become a natural, active extension of your leadership team. We analyze the situation, formulate key strategy then execute. Within your target market, your message will become pervasive.




Multiple targets. Serious marketing efforts require being fully integrated into multiple delivery mediums. We deliver where and when it's needed.



While we use several methods, the most significant is our unique Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS)



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