Strategic Advantage 

Marketing, Social Media and Business Strategies

Our Process

We work hands-on with our clients, who view us as an extension of their senior leadership team. We extract their knowledge, thought leadership, news, achievements, best practices and innovations, then communicate them efficiently, effectively and successfully to current and prospective customers.

While every client is unique and their objectives, strategies and programs vary, our full-service marketing management, leadership and direction requires best practices as to how an organization should be positioned, which markets are best targeted, which marketing tools are needed and which campaigns will be most effective.

Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS) provides the methodology, drives the process forward to ensure precise execution of your marketing program. We employ time-tested methodologies armed with the latest technologies. We have the team to deliver the complete end–to-end marketing service from initial insight to campaign delivery. Our flexibility and experience helps us to pick the right balance of marketing expertise to deliver the solution you need.

Discovery & Audit

We work with our clients to gain a clear understanding of the current landscape; sales goals, marketing goals and business goals. We study your business; its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We work to develop an insider's understanding with an outsider's perspective. We gather information in four broad categories:

  • your business
  • your market and competition
  • your products and services
  • your goals and objectives

Plan Development

Following a detailed audit of a client’s current situation we apply best practices and build a comprehensive integrated marketing plan. To include some of the following tactics:

  • Strategy
      Competitive Positioning
  • Objectives
  • Budget
  • Tools
      Web Sites
      Sales Literature
      Corporate ID
  • Tactics
      Trade Show
      Public Relations
      Social Media
      Direct Mail
  • Measurement


The hallmark of marketing success is through a fact-based, well-executed marketing plan. The Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS) aspires to work with client organizations to seamlessly execute the marketing and communication initiatives. The Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS) is customized by industry, audience and organizational objectives; execution excellence relies on our experience, oversight, fresh ideas, cost-effective delivery and proven approaches and processes.


The Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS) incorporates metrics to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. By measuring the effectiveness of individual tactics to continuously hone the optimal mix of methods, tactics and resources, we are able to judge overall results against stated goals and objectives.





Multiple targets. Serious marketing efforts require being fully integrated into multiple delivery mediums. We deliver where and when it's needed.



While we use several methods, the most significant is our unique Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS)



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