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Approach - How Strategic Advantage Engages


"Business today requires new perspectives on strategy, operations, and staff. Most of all it requires a level of flexibility that has previously been considered a weakness in some organizations. to navigate in an increasingly complex environment and zig when all the competition are all zagging, you must flip repeatedly between different perspectives and paradigms. And you must do so in real time and on demand. "

Peter Sheahan, FLIP

Good news…the days of haphazardly throwing various forms of advertising and public relations campaigns at a broad constituencies in hopes of garnering your organization's share of the market are long gone. Strategic Advantage has developed he Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS). AMPS combines experience, thought leadership, branding, keen and specific niche awareness, technology, execution , and measurement to replace outdated marketing models.

Adaptable organizations will thrive: dinosaurs fossilize. Our survival of the fittest economic environment demands flexibility and expertise beyond conventional capabilities. to maximize ROI, keen C-level professionals will sniff out the most effective marketing executives and processes…those armed with the know-how to execute AMPS.





Multiple targets. Serious marketing efforts require being fully integrated into multiple delivery mediums. We deliver where and when it's needed.



While we use several methods, the most significant is our unique Ambient Marketing Process & Strategy (AMPS)



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